The Best Car Escape Tool Kit Buying Guide.

Car Escape Tool Buying Guide

A time would come when you would find yourself trapped in your car. It’s a thought most of us would not like to think about, but it’s a fact that it can actually happen. You must be prepared and having the right and best tools for the escape from your car is probably the smartest decision that you can make for your family.

Vehicles should have some type of emergency equipment in its trunk, side doors or within reach in case of any emergency or accidents that may occur so fast, you may not have the luxury of time to react, but you should have a tool handy to help you in such cases.

If in a car accident, you find yourself submerged in water or trying to escape a car that’s on fire. Whatever the case may be it’s always best to be prepared.


There are many on the market and it really comes down to how prepared you want to be, expense and easy use. Here are a few car escape tools to consider if you ever find yourself unable to get out of your car due to an emergency.

Seat belt Cutters

These are essential when it comes to safety. It’s certain that you may have a situation where you need to get out of your seat belt quickly in order to survive. Though seat belts are designed to keep us locked in case of accident, they can also restrict our movements when they get locked and you need to release it for instant safety.

 You need something to cut the material of the seat belt fast, if your vehicle has somersaulted, while a fire is growing by the fuel tank. It’s a horrible thing to think about. However, an available tool that is accessible to grab can change things in a split seconds and it could save lives. A seat belt cutter works best when the seat belt is jammed. You want one that is easy to handle so it can cut firmly through the material of the seat belt. Most of these tools are designed at an angle that perfectly cuts into your seat belt and frees you.

Glass breaker

This is another vital kit; you must consider having in your car, since our cars are surrounded with windows. Many tools out there are designed to quickly break the glass when your car gets submerged in water and the pressure is rising to a dangerous point. A good glass breaker should allow you to shatter the glass window so you can escape through it. This tool can truly be a lifesaver and should always be in your car and within reach. Most will be made up of material where the tip is made of steel, tungsten carbine or hardened steel.

Manual Glass breakers

These kits are mostly found on tactical pens or pocket knives as an added feature. With this type of manual glass breaker, the idea is to hold the tool in your fist pointing it toward or aiming at the corner of the glass giving it a quick hard jab. The impact should break the window so you can escape easily from the submerge.

Tips for breaking Glass:

It’s definitely not something we do on a daily basis; however, you have to understand how to break glass in your car when the time arises. Consider these tips:

  • Always aim for side windows.
  • Do not go for the windshield.
  • When you are breaking through a side window, aim for the lower corner, as this would reduce the risk of injury or you don’t have to put your hand through the glass.
  • To avoid injury use your free hand, press the glass, then stop the other hand from going through.
  • Always ensure you turn away from the glass you’re breaking, to avoid it shattering into your eyes and cutting your hand which in turn slow down your escape process.

Key chain Tool

This is easy to use and you can keep it on you inside a purse or in your pocket. That way you have it on you if driving with somebody else or even if you’re taking the bus with other passengers. It’s small, fits on your key chain, discreet and releases quickly.

Life Hammer Evolution

It is a tool that can be attached to your car’s interior which allows it to be easily available at all times. It has a spring assisted glass breaker that can be used by anyone and doesn’t require a lot of strength. The handle has a very good grip and it is made of high-quality. It can also be adjustable if you want to put it at the center console or attached to the door. Either way, this is a great tool that will give you instant access if you’re in a rolled car situation.


  • I advice you have at least one or two escape tool mentioned above in your car and it must be within your reach in case of any emergency (Fire accident , water submerge, car somersault, etc) , so it can aid your rescue. Let’s be safety conscious at all times and ensure we drive within the specified speed limit of each area we find ourselves.

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