HELLA Performance headlamp Bulb, 12V, 55W


I would like to introduce and very high quality head lamp bulb which is very bright it is HELLA Bulbs, very nice bulb and easy to Install. It is brighter than any stock bulb. It as a very easy maintenance act, when it appear it is dull all you need to do is apply some little alcohol on a clean piece of cloth and wipe and use it to wipe the bulbs, till it gets clean and you refix for use again.

AutoZone was charging nearly four times the price for a Sylvania equivalent, so I’m chalking up another steal here, courtesy of Amazon.

When in use, the high-beam bright yellow from these Hellas bulb over the white light of the low-beams  are far better than the low-beams use Osram Night breakers.  For myself I find this a good combination. The yellow coating on the glass envelope still allows very strong light output. The color of the light is yellow, not amber, IMO.

Not everyone might see the advantage of this in the high-beam positions. It is a matter of comfort, perception and maybe how your eyes sense the color. For me this works well.

Life is unknown, I have not had them long, but Hella products have a good reputation, so I’m optimistic.
The low yellow light at the day for drl’s is perfect and I think a cool match for our blue halos and ribbon LED’s.

When you switch on high beams and the bright yellow illuminates everything in front of you like R.Kelly is making it rain down from the heavens! Went on a spirited run the night I put them on through a canyon and could see everything all ahead of me for a long while, the color combo with our low beams still on make these a really satisfying color for driving site wise and also makes the car looks wise!..

I recently noticed the left headlight was out on my wife’s car. I didn’t have any extras at home, so I ran to the nearby national chain parts store. The budget priced bulb was $16. Seriously? But, I needed one immediately. So, I paid it. Then I looked up the H7 bulb at Amazon. I found these Hella bulbs at about a third of the price. I have been using Hella bulbs for decades and have always been pleased. I bought 6, so I wouldn’t be without a spare next time. That’s the feedback from a customer.

Hella used to be good German stuff. I noticed on the box these are made in South Korea. I guess it remains to be seen if the quality continues. Replaced a Philips super vision plus max edge ultra bulb that costs over twice as much and supposed to work better but already died after one year. This light works as good as the Philips. You just don’t pay for the marketing frills.


Also, for every good product we also have some defaults and this are what we have gathered from our customer pool .Both bulbs were DOA, the packaging was perfect and checked with an ohm meter and they were both open circuit electrically, I thought I was going crazy. Also, I bought two to replace the pair as one had failed, I Put the one good old bulb back in and it worked? Have never had that happen before. These are made in Korea and not German.

It is incredibly dim compared to off-brand generics. Worked to get my headlight “working” enough to avoid a ticket, but all it really did was motivate me to wire in an HID ballast kit.


The lights were an improvement over my stock bulbs. It appears very white like stock HID bulbs on many luxury cars. Installed them with no problems and used rubber gloves to prevent contamination. It’s been around 5 months since I installed them. The Left bulb blew out today. All in all they were great when they worked… expected more life out of these, but it only lasted 5 months. I figure it’s more cost effective to buy a high rating bulb that would last longer than do a replacements twice a year with these. HID bulbs suppose to last twice as long and when they go out it’s still $20-25 to replace them but at least I get even better light output.

It is very disappointing with this 100w h7, it’s very dim and has a low angle light projection when compared to the factory 55w bulb this bulb is for whatever reason simply is worse. If it weren’t such a project to change the bulb in my car I’d take this right out, in the check if it fits box up top it gave me the wrong match up with my car, I would make sure i know the size first cause now I am dealing with having to return for the right size, other than that they looked really cool and I was disappointed being they were the wrong size.

It is a disappointing brightness, much lower than expected. These bulbs do not appear to be 100w on my car (2005 Tiburon), I returned them and ended up getting DELTA bulbs (Delta (03-5700-12X) 12V 100W H7 Xenon Bulb), which I am much happier with than, the HELLA Bulbs as it is not as bright as they say. But has good color and looks good on 2011 Subaru. We will see how long they last.


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