Most car manufacturers have been installing many maintenance warning lights in their products to help c     ar users to know the required maintenance check to be done. When those warning signals come on, they indicate that your car as a maintenance problem that needs urgent attention.

 The problem may not be too serious, but requires your attention and should not be neglected as they are minor problems that might get worse and lead to a serious damage, if not fixed urgently. In this write up, we will be showing you several warning signs that you need to pay attention to, in order to avoid paying a huge bill for car maintenance/repairs.

  1. The engine light

This is a major warning, frustrating and confusing sign ever in any car, according to many car users. There are millions and one problem that could happen to any car engine, so a beaming engine warning light is not enough insight to know what’s wrong. The only solution is to take your car to the service centers as soon as possible for a proper engine scan and diagnosis which would reveal the actual fault and part to be replaced.

This sign shows engine problem.


2. The service engine light

Once, this light comes on, it is a warning sign that informs you that it is time for the next scheduled maintenance for your car. The standard maintenance schedule for cars varies base on the brand, the quality/temperature of engine oil and the mileage covered. You can check the car owners manual to be sure of this 2 major component (Mileage, Engine oil Specification) that would guide you whenever the service engine light comes up.

It indicates that the Engine is due for a periodic maintenance.

  1. The electrical fault signal

The moment you notice this warning light comes on, on the dashboard of your car, it shows clearly that there is a problem with your battery or charging system and it requires an urgent attention, which must be addressed to avoid damaging the battery or charging system.

This model of this battery warning light displayed below, differs in some brand of cars or model. Basically, it takes the icon of a battery. This major warning light is meant to notify you whenever there is a problem related to the battery or charging system. Sometimes it is that the battery needs recharging, or the fan belt is cut or the charging alternator is faulty.

 Faulty Battery or Charging System.

  1. The brake warning sign

This warning sign shows there is a problem or failure relating to the brake system. Also, this warning light can interpret some other failures related to the brake system such as the Burnt brake light, leg/hand brake lining or sensors that are bad or a burnt fuse could trigger this warning light to come on. This varies with different car model or brands. But once it comes on you should not over look it as it requires an urgent attention. Also if you perceive some burning smell, the problem may lie at the handbrake. You must ensure you take the car to the mechanic to understand what the root cause is after it must have been diagnose with the scanning machine.

This shows a faulty brake system.

  1. The coolant warning

This shows a temperature issue with the care. The moment you notice this light comes on, then you need to check the water level or the coolant fluid, to know if there is not enough fluid to cool down the engine. Remember that the fluid burns out while the engine is working; When such occurs, you need to allow the car cool down for some time before opening the radiator to check and refill the coolant tank. Fluid from the shops is ideal; otherwise you can substitute it with distilled water.

High Temperature Warning Sign.

  1. The oil signal

Engine oil level in a car is very essential, because if not checked periodically to ascertain if low it can damage the car engine. If oil pressure level gets low, it would trigger this warning sign and if not attended to urgently would damage the car engine. Don’t be stubborn to drive while this sign is on. The causes of the warning light coming On, maybe as a result of a malfunctioning oil pumps, choked oil filter. Once noticed you need to take the car urgently to a garage to check for further diagnose to get the root cause.

  This warning light shows Low Oil in the Engine.


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