HELLA Performance headlamp Bulb, 12V, 55W


I would like to introduce and very high quality head lamp bulb which is very bright it is HELLA Bulbs, very nice bulb and easy to Install. It is brighter than any stock bulb. It as a very easy maintenance act, when it appear it is dull all you need to do is apply some little alcohol on a clean piece of cloth and wipe and use it to wipe the bulbs, till it gets clean and you refix for use again.

AutoZone was charging nearly four times the price for a Sylvania equivalent, so I’m chalking up another steal here, courtesy of Amazon.

When in use, the high-beam bright yellow from these Hellas bulb over the white light of the low-beams  are far better than the low-beams use Osram Night breakers.  For myself I find this a good combination...

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