4 Basic Steps you need to take immediately after your car gets flooded.

The article below shows how you can prevent as well as protect your car against flood.

During the rainy season, the problem most car drivers is water overflowing into the car, which affects the interior as well as the car engine. The following basic steps will help car owners know what to do before taking their soaked vehicle for maintenance service.

Most countries usually experience flood when it rains. When you are moving on flooded roads, you must drive at a slow pace to prevent the water splashing on the sensitive electronics of the car which can get damage easily.

  1.  Take actions on the seats and floor coverings

The car seats are usually made of leather or upholstery...

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4 Easy Steps to Fix Scratches On Your Car.

4 Easy Steps to Fix Car Scratches.

If you want to Learn how to fix scratches on your car by yourself, here are some easy steps you need to follow, which can actually be more convenient than taking your car to a repairer every time your car gets the smallest scratch.

There are some easy steps to fix scratches on your car, which many car owners probably don’t have insight about. This simple process guide uses a progressive repair system to leave an invisible repair on your vehicle paintwork without having to spend so much at the local car body shop. Here are some tools and materials that you will need for this process to be effective.

  • Bucket and water
  • Polishing mop
  • P2000 abrasive paper
  • Touch-Up clear coat
  • Rubber block
  • Cutting compound
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Machine glaze
  • Touch-Up paint

Below ar...

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3 Best Steps To Check Why Your Car Refuses To Start.

3 Best Steps To Check Why Your Car Refuses To Start

When your car refuses to start, the usual culprits are always narrowed to battery fault, fuel or ignition problems, or a faulty kick starter.  

Starting problems are mostly common with older vehicles, when you notice your car refuses to start, A battery fault may be a likely cause. To diagnose and fix the problem, it is vital to pay attention to any symptoms that may arise when cranking the engine.

  1. Symptoms from a Dead Battery Fault.

When cranking the engine to start your vehicle if the battery is dead, some signs will be noticeable if you pay attention. Cranking speed would drop which is a sign of a dead battery, and you would notice the dimming of the lights or display on the gauges on the dashboard.

 A faulty or dead battery will t...

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The Best Car Escape Tool Kit Buying Guide.

Car Escape Tool Buying Guide

A time would come when you would find yourself trapped in your car. It’s a thought most of us would not like to think about, but it’s a fact that it can actually happen. You must be prepared and having the right and best tools for the escape from your car is probably the smartest decision that you can make for your family.

Vehicles should have some type of emergency equipment in its trunk, side doors or within reach in case of any emergency or accidents that may occur so fast, you may not have the luxury of time to react, but you should have a tool handy to help you in such cases.

If in a car accident, you find yourself submerged in water or trying to escape a car that’s on fire. Whatever the case may be it’s always best to be prepared.

Car Escape Tools IN CA...

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What’s the Best Car Vacuum?
If you are searching for a good vacuum for your car, trust you would have one and if you don’t, I think there are much better options than buying just anyone that fits into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet.
We have various brands and specifications, I advice you buy the conventional cordless type which is has a thin slim vacuum nozzle for easy access into the hidden areas in your car.

What makes a good car vacuum?
When it comes to cleaning cars, versatile attachments, strong cleaning performance, and maneuverability in cramped quarters are especially important. A one-piece vacuum, with the nozzle affixed to the motor housing, often atimes can’t fit under a car’s seats, behind the pedals, into door pockets, and so on...

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How to Know the Best Engine Oil for your Vehicle.

How to Know the Best Engine Oil for your Vehicle.

My team and I had a critical look at the various engine oils available and rechecked our their various specifications, and I know i can’t go wrong with the full-synthetic Mobil 1 which is still the best for now, but I have shed more light on the information you need to shop for the best engine oil that would give your car the best performance.

Engine oil is very critical for getting the best engine performance. It lubricates the engine’s internal parts, minimizes wear, disperses heat, and helps prevent corrosion and sludge buildup...

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