10 BASIC maintenance checks everyone car owner must know.

Many car owners don’t care about the maintenance of their car until the car breaks down having faults that could have been prevented if the checklist order has been adhered to. The cautious and careful car owners are the ones who do the frequent checks, as it does not only help to maintain the car’s high performance but also to make it last longer.


How prepare a checklist 

First you make a list of parts that would be checked as it would be very helpful because it helps you to release your memory and go through everything on the list thoroughly and quickly. The basic items you need to pay good attention to are engines, wiper blades, brakes, tires, windows and windshields, fuel and other liquids, lights and interior, battery and fan belt.

Prepare a checklist for car maintenance


An accumulated dirt and rust around the surrounding of the engine might be the reason for reduced engine efficiency, as such it should be cleaned periodically by using steam cleaning for tougher dirt and you need to change the oil every 3000-5000 kilometer to prevent it from sludge.



It is a great offence for any car owner that it’s car emits great smoke, as such the traffic or safety officials have a right to impose a fine on such offenders so it’s advisable to do a proper check on your car emission once or twice a year, especially for car owners with older cars.


It is very dangerous if your car brake fails in the middle of the road especially when it’s raining or in a heavy traffic. It is recommended you do a periodical maintenance check on the brake system to ascertain the brake pads and lining are in good shape. Ensure you also check the brake fluid if you have done a long trip with the car and also if not in use for a long period as well, to be sure there are no leakages.


The mistakes most car owners make is , they buy fuel that are not of the right specifications for their cars, which would in turn damage the fuel components of the car. You must ensure you use the fuel that has proper levels of octane for your car engine. For such engines with low compression, more octane doesn’t mean higher performance but more cost. Check your car’s fuel consumption rate against what is claimed by the manufacturer, you may learn if the fuel you are using is the right one for your engine or not.


Wiper Blades

You must ensure the blades are intact at all times, so if caught unaware in the rain you would not need to struggle with seeing, due to bad wiper blades. Never use the wipers without water as it damages the blades quickly or windscreen.


Windows and mirrors

This is the item that prevents the driver or passengers from any external danger. It can be a little bit costly to replace when the mirrors or windscreen gets broken, but these things decide your safety.


Always ensure the interior is kept clean and well-maintained at all times, this will not only make you and the passengers comfortable but also give your car a plus in second-hand car buyer’s eyes when the need arise for it to be sold, and also keep rodents and insects away from your car that may damage any sensitive cables.

Vacuum and clean up the interior before selling your car



Always check the head lamps if it is in good condition as this determines your safety at night when driving, ensure not to drive with one working headlamp, as this creates a great hazard for other road users as it may create a wrong impression about the oncoming vehicle.

Replace the dim and broken lights


Never drive with a worn out tyre, or a wobble tyre as this is a great hazard as it might get blown out when in motion. Also note a proper tire pressure will increase the fuel economy and vice versa so remember to check it frequently. Also, replace the old tires when they’re too old.


This a vital component that must not be overlooked, as it it the item that sends power to all the sensors in the car, and if not in good condition or as low charge the car would not start nor move. Ensure this is always checked and ensure there is not corrosion on it and if found, you must get it washed off, so it does not reduce the charging rate.



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